Hypnosis to Stop Self-Sabotage

reverse self sabotage with hypnosis
reverse self sabotage with hypnosis
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Inner Conflict

Self- sabotage is the main reason why people fail to achieve what they set out to do. Unless we get out of our own way progress will always be difficult.  For every step we take forward we take three backwards.

Nobody deliberately sets out to sabotage themselves.  Self sabotage is a subconscious activity and evidence of the split mind. I am not suggesting that we are all schizophrenic but merely describing the human condition of inner conflict we all share.

Can’t Stop

There are many, many people who wake up every morning telling themselves that today is the day that they will definitely quit. Some wake up pledging never to smoke another cigarette, others promising that they will never drink or gamble away their hard earned money again and others wake up vowing never to lose their temper again. Each of these people wakes up every day making the same promises to themselves and breaking them at almost the same time of day, every day.

We all do things that we may not be happy about but keep doing them anyway but there is a big difference between the consequences of biting your nails or the inside of your mouth and smoking or drinking to excess! However, regardless of the behaviour these people all share the same frustration. They all fail to achieve the goal they set themselves every day.

Hypnosis to Break the Cycle

If you are one of these people who fall into this category then imagine if you could make a decision to do something and then just do it. This would require your conscious mind, the part that makes the decision, to be supported by the subconscious, the real power behind your life. Imagine making the decision to lose weight and just doing it! Imagine deciding to stop smoking and simply doing it! Imagine making a decision and not having to think about it anymore confident in the result you naturally expect. Hypnosis gets the conscious and subconscious to talk to each other. Hypnosis develops the all important connection between the conscious and subconscious mind which make your decisions manifest in your reality.


Here at Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic in Peel Isle of Man Xavier and Mary Nathan help people address this inner conflict using a combination of Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy. Xavier and Mary have been successfully treating people for years at their private practice in Peel and doctors regularly refer their patients them. If you or your doctor agrees that your condition has an emotional root cause then Hypno-Psychotherapy may be your ideal solution. If your mind created the problem then doesn’t it make sense to conclude  that your mind can also be used to solve the problem?

By first resolving the inner conflict responsible for your self-sabotage your road to recovery becomes smooth and efficient.

To book an initial consultation free of charge call Xavier or Mary on 01624 842938

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