Hypnosis to Prepare for Surgery

The Fear Factor

The experience of surgery can, for many people, be a terrifying ordeal.  The very idea of being anaesthetised can be traumatic as fears of not coming round afterwards are often expressed by the clients I have treated at Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic, in Peel.  Then there is the surgery itself with the images of knives and surgical instruments, of blood and pain.  It doesn’t matter how invasive or minimal the surgery is the fears are genuine for those who hold them.

Hypnotic Analgesia

I first became aware of Hypnotherapy many years ago when I was lucky enough to meet Dr Jack Gibson, Naas, Ireland.  Dr Gibson had spent decades in Africa as a surgeon performing operations using hypnosis as analgesia; he had no anaesthetics available to him so he used hypnosis to save the lives of his patients.  Some people are confident to use hypnosis as analgesia but most prefer to use anaesthetics and have hypnosis deal with the anxieties and worries around the surgery, operation and hospital.

Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic Approach

In my work as a Hypnotherapist, I help people to overcome their fears, to look at the best outcome for their surgery and recovery and to feel in control about the procedures about to be carried out on their bodies.

My clients have ranged from a little girl of five who was terrified of needles to adults of all ages suffering from heart disease, cancer and other serious conditions.  I am not advocating Hypnosis in place of medical intervention what I am encouraging is the recognition of the wonderful tool that it is to enable people to go to hospital and have their treatments feeling safe, in control and positive.   There is no doubt that your thoughts affect your feelings and your feelings affect your body.  Having positive thoughts about hospital and medical procedures allows the patients to have a shorter operating time, shorter stay in hospital and quicker recovery time.

Walking the Talk!

My daughter broke her arm at fourteen years of age.  I put her into hypnosis in A&E and repeated positive suggestions to her while she was being treated. Her injury took place during the evening so she had to wait until next morning for surgery.  Throughout the night the nursing staff was surprised at the low dosage of pain medication she required, in fact, after the initial examination of the broken bone, she didn’t require any more medication.  Her fears were quickly dealt with and she was back home the following evening pain free and happy.

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