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Self-Hypnosis in schools and the work place is the key to productivity!

Culturally we are not in favour of ‘nappers’, we tend to view them as slackers, lazy and self indulgent. But did you know that many very productive people, from Einstein to Churchill, were all regular afternoon nappers? The Spanish have their ‘siesta’ and take two hours off in the middle of the day and make up the hours by finishing later in the evening. I am not suggesting that we go down that route. What I am suggesting is that our students and workers are allowed twenty minutes to still the mind and body after lunch each day.

 Sleepy afternoons

I remember being in the classroom and that heavy tiredness coming over my eyes and it was so much effort to keep them open, trying not to put my head down on the desk and instead having to concentrate on what ever subject was being taught by an equally tired teacher. My body was telling me to sleep, in fact screaming at me to sleep! Of course, my brain simply didn’t function properly, or at least didn’t function at it’s optimum. A tired brain will not take in very much!

 Self Hypnosis

As a Hypnotherapist I receive frantic phone calls from worried parents every Easter holidays requesting sessions for their anxious and distraught children who are about to sit examinations. Hypnotherapy lends itself wonderfully to helping these students to overcome their anxieties and stress but one of the most important tools I teach each client who comes into the clinic is the Art of Self Hypnosis. I always encourage my student clients to take time for fifteen minutes of self hypnosis before they start to study, then they were more alert, more productive and fresh … ready to concentrate on the tasks before them.

I have already written an article on ‘Hypnotherapy for the Work Place‘ and I continue to see clients from various working backgrounds who feel over stretched and exhausted during their working day. I work with each as individuals to deal with their particular anxieties and worries but the Art of Self Hypnosis is taught in the first session and I strongly encourage them to put it into practise from that day onwards.

Those who practise this Art of Self Hypnosis find that they are far more productive and alert whether they are students, teachers or high fliers in the financial sector!


What is Self Hypnosis?

To put it simply it is the practise of relaxing the mind and body. When we nap we tend to rest the body but the mind can be churning up all kinds of worries and anxieties but when you relax the mind with the body both are taking time out and letting go of stress and worries.

Given that we all know how recuperative and restorative self hypnosis is for the mind and body would it not be a good idea to re-organise the school and work day to accommodate some time out? Why not see this as an activity that can boost productivity rather than a sign of laziness? At the moment our hours at school and in the work place are structured in a way which is robotic and lacking creativity, it just takes from ten to fifteen minutes to change an afternoon of impaired alertness to one of energy and productivity.

 For more details

For those of you interested in me teaching the Art of Self Hypnosis in your work place or school , please, call me at Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic in Peel on Tel: 842938 to arrange a meeting.  You can also purchase and download from the downloads page of our manxhypnosis website an audio recording titled ‘Learn How to Hypnotise Yourself by Mary Nathan‘ or by Xavier Nathan if you would prefer a male voice.

3 minute video giving tips on how to power nap in a humorous way


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