Hypnosis to Create the Life you Truly Desire

The Split Mind

The mind is split and that is why we sometimes find ourselves talking to ourselves. The internal dialogue we each experience is as a result of the divided mind. One part of the mind sides with the ego and is continuously filling the silence with noise. The noise I refer to is the internal dialogue that keeps us distracted and focussed on what we imagine to be real.

The Internal Critic

The more immersed we become in this internal dialogue the more real our problems and stresses become. The dialogue is a creation of the ego and its sole purpose is to keep us focussed on the unreal which then becomes real to us. The more we can disengage from this idle chatter the more peaceful we become and the closer we feel to our true nature. Hypnosis is a wonderful tool which gives us the ability to, in effect, turn off the noise that keeps us distracted and daily practice brings peace and enjoy into our lives.

The ego needs us to believe in time for its own survival. Without the construct of time the ego cannot exist because we would immediately see through the illusion. The way the ego keeps us believing in time is by making us jump back and forth between past and future never actually allowing us to ever be in the present moment. The ego plays a very clever trick on us and we all fall for it every time. The trick involves getting us to make the association between what has happened in the past and making us equate that with the future. So, in effect, we are conditioned to expect from the future what we have experienced in the past.

Breaking the Cycle

The way to break this cycle is in understanding that it is our focus of attention that attracts our experiences to us. If we continue to place our focus on what has happened in the past then that is exactly what we will attract to us in the future. Using hypnosis to ground ourselves in the present we can sever our false connection to the  past and future and choose a different focus for our attention. By learning to place our attention on what we want to experience we eventually attract those very experiences and people to create the future we desire.

A Shift in Awareness

Some people imagine hypnosis as something that a hypnotist does to them and associate it with entertainment . No, hypnosis is simply using any one or more of your five senses to bring us into the present through focussed attention. I regularly do it as I am walking to work and I focus my attention on the beauty of everything I see. By looking for the beauty of everything that is presented to my eyes this creates a shift in awareness that takes me out of my head and the monkey mind ceases its idle chatter. The feeling of well being that accompanies this shift in awareness is unmistakeable.

The Art of Self Hypnosis

All that is required is our willingness to get out of our heads at various times during the day and eventually we will spend more and more time in the present creating the life we desire. It is all right there and all we have to do is simply develop the discipline of mind to bring our attention regularly to it until it manifests.

Mary and I have each created an audio you can download from our Facebook Shop or from the downloads page on our website. The audio is called Introduction to Hypnosis and  designed specifically to teach the art of self hypnosis and regularly playing the audio teaches you how to focus the mind so that you can deliberately choose to dwell on the thoughts to attract the life you truly desire.

Link to Hypnosis Audio Recordings by Xavier and Mary Nathan

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