Hypnosis for Children, Teenagers and Adults Preparing for Exams

hypnotherapy for exam preparation

Preparing for Exams

When it came to exam time  each of our own children had their own way of dealing with the stresses involved  and each found a way to study that was in keeping with their character type.

Motivation from Within

Over the years my wife and I chose to encourage our children to study but deliberately avoided putting them under any pressure to do so. We made ourselves available so they could come to us if they ever needed our help and they only did so when they really were stuck. Our approach placed the responsibility for their success or failure firmly on their own shoulders and this made them find their own inner source of motivation rather than looking for it outside themselves.

The Art of Self Hypnosis

There was one thing that we actively encouraged and which we feel was a very important ingredient in their success to date and that is the ‘Art of Self Hypnosis.’ We taught each of our children how to hypnotise themselves from a very early age and this proved to be an invaluable tool.

By learning how to achieve this relaxed state of mind they learned how to silence the monkey mind and develop powers of concentration that are rare in many children today. Visitors would comment on how our children could sit through a whole movie with subtitles while theirs were unable to sit still for even a few minutes. This was just a natural consequence of self hypnosis which our children now just take for granted and see as perfectly normal.

Hypnosis for Children at Bedtime

We also, created a personalised hypnosis audio for each of them which they played going to sleep at night when they were very young and which helped them sleep soundly and awake every morning feeling wonderful. The audio program was designed to counteract all the negative messages our children received during the course of their normal waking day and which we all just take for granted.

We have grown numb to hearing and seeing things that once may have upset us. The images we see on TV and the suggestions we are bombarded with through advertising and the the media are the same messages our children are exposed to. Then there are well meaning people in our children’s lives, including ourselves who unwittingly say things that their subconscious minds could easily accept and which could affect them negatively.

Here at our Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic in Peel Mary provides specialised therapy for children which includes a personalised audio for them to use at bedtime. To book a free consultation with Mary to find out more please use the Contact Form on our website.

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