Hypno-Psychotherapy to Treat Addiction

Addicted to Junk Food

A young man recently asked me how I help people overcome addictions.  When I asked why he explained that he thought he was addicted to junk food.  He is very fit and an athletic looking young man but the more he trained the more he indulged in food that sabotaged his progress.

The Power of Mindset

I explained that rather than fuel a negative belief about himself I thought that he might consider his behaviour from a different perspective.  We chatted for a while and eventually I succeeded in explaining to him the power our thoughts have on the ‘reality’ we each personally experience.

Why is it that one man can eat whatever and as much of any kind of food and never put on extra weight and another man has only to look at food to put on the pounds?

The answer lies in the mindset of each man. One man believes, at the subconscious level, that he cannot put on weight regardless of what he eats and he is destined to be thin.  The other believes he is destined to be fat.  It is the belief that creates each man’s reality.

Core Beliefs

Regardless of what he want and how hard we pray if our core beliefs are not in line with our desire then our subconscious beliefs about ourselves and the world will always win out over what we consciously desire.

Going on diets and praying for a thin body is of no benefit if the mind clings to thoughts that negate all your efforts.

Simply focussing on the behaviour of overeating is an effective way of solving the problem.  It is not until the core belief is addressed that any change can occur.  The thoughts we think give a clue to the core beliefs we hold and the words we speak betray these thoughts.

The conversation made the young man think more deeply about why he continued to eat junk food though he claims he wanted to ‘get ripped’. The seed has been planted for him to do some introspection and I am confident that when he is ready he will address the core beliefs that prevent him from achieving his goals.

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