Hypno-Psychotherapy to Drop the Mask

Using Hypnosis to change negative self perception

Role Play

People use coping mechanisms all the time to survive the challenges they are presented with on a daily basis.  The coping mechanisms I refer to are sometimes called the ‘masks’ we hide behind.

Nobody deliberately puts on a mask in order to deal with someone or an experience; it is simply something we have all learned to do and is now something we do without thinking.

The masks we wear are the roles we play when we are with certain people and dealing with certain situations.  We simply can’t help playing these roles which have become part of us.

The Labels

We form relationships with other people who are also wearing ‘masks’. We judge people and they judge us though nobody sees further than the ‘mask’. We live our lives believing that we know ourselves and the people in our lives when what we are doing is making it all up in our heads.

The most common ‘masks’ used by people are the labels we hide behind. The labels like, son, daughter, father, mother, husband, wife are roles most people get to play but in many cases people cannot disentangle themselves from their role and they become stuck.

This can also happen when people take their jobs so seriously that they identify with their job description.  This is a trap that many find very easy to fall into especially when it is their job that validates them as people deserving respect. Without the title many feel lost, without purpose and even in some cases, invisible.

Who Am I?

Psychotherapy coupled with Hypnosis is a wonderful way for people to get comfortable not wearing any ‘mask’. It is a way to find who you really are and to express yourself without the need to hide behind any artificial role, self made or imposed.  Therapy is a most fulfilling journey within – a journey of self discovery!

It is not the role of the therapist to decide what is best for you as you are the highest authority in your own life. The role of the therapist in Hypno-Psychotherapist is to help each person become aware of their own personal power and ability to affect the changes they desire. Healing is spontaneous and is as a result of a change in mind. It is only by changing our minds that we correct our perception of ourselves and the world we inhabit. By dropping our masks we reconnect with our own inner source of wisdom putting us directly in charge of our own direction in life no longer influenced by forces outside of ourselves.

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Video by Xavier and Mary Nathan on Hypnotherapy and Perception

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