Hypno-Psychotherapy to Change Self Destructive Behaviour

Addressing self destructive behaviour using Hypno-Psychotherapy
Addressing self destructive behaviour using Hypno-Psychotherapy
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Advances in technology have made us more accessible to each other in that anyone one with a mobile phone can be contacted almost anywhere in the world but this does not mean that these advances have brought us any closer to each other. The reason for this is that unless material progress is balanced by emotional and spiritual progress there will always exist the compulsion for us to sabotage our progress in order to regain this balance. Man, however, chooses to ignore this and the price we are paying can be seen in the accelerated destruction of our environment and the rise in conflict all over the world. The balance referred to here is based on our natural awareness of what is right and wrong.

 Conditioned Mindset

We know that if we continue to pollute the air we will eventually destroy the atmosphere that sustains life but even knowing this we continue to demand this destruction by the way we live our lives.

The problem is that the way we live our lives is subconsciously motivated by a conditioned mindset. We are each responsible for the destruction of the planet by the choices we make on a daily basis but this is not limited to the environment. Our relationships suffer as a result of decisions we make in our heads about how we perceive what people say and do. Our perceptions, however unfounded, are responsible for our judgements of ourselves and others and therefore responsible for our behaviour. By making different choices in our heads we in effect change how we feel and behave.

 Analytical Hypnotherapy to regain the power to choose

Hypno-Psychotherapy is an effective way of correcting perception by accessing the subconscious and undoing the conditioning that sustains a self destructive mind set. The therapy involves the therapist and client coming to an agreement and which does not allow either coming to their own conclusions. The therapy prevents either from making decisions in their own heads that would otherwise be self destructive. The client regains the power to choose rather than being a slave to a conditioned mindset and in so doing learns how to be happy. The material world is affected by our collective mindset and if we want to save the world then wouldn’t it make sense for each one of us to regain our power to choose how to think? You know you are not free from your conditioning if you continue to experience what you do not want. Analytical Hypnotherapy (Hypno-Psychotherapy) as practised at Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic in Peel, Isle of Man by Xavier and Mary Nathan seeks to help people regain their freedom from self destructive conditioning so that they achieve their own goals. For more information and to book a completely free assessment please contact either Xavier or Mary on Tel: 01624 842938 or visit our website

Video : Hypno-Psychotherapy to Correct Perception by Xavier & Mary Nathan

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