Hypno-Psychotherapy Addresses the Cause To Cure the Symptom

Analytical Hypnotherapy to address the cause
Analytical Hypnotherapy to address the cause
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The Function of Pain

The people who seek our help at Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic in Peel come to us in pain. The pain they experience is physical, emotional or both. It is this pain that is responsible for them seeking help in the first place. Pain can, therefore, be seen as performing a very important function in that it will not allow us to ignore a problem that needs addressing. The underlying root cause of the pain dwells in the subconscious and no amount of consciously thinking or talking about the problem will afford you access to its dwelling place. To effectively address the problem you will need to access the subconscious and this is where the hypnosis part of our therapy comes in.

The Purpose of Hypnosis in Therapy

A man swimming on the surface of the sea cannot know the dangers to his safety unless he dives below to have a look. Hypnosis is a way for people to dive below their conscious awareness in order to explore the subconscious to find the reasons for the symptoms they present with.
There is no rule of thumb to explain any symptom but in my many years of treating clients as a Hypno-Psychotherapist using a combination of hypnosis and psychotherapy I have found some interesting correlations.

Physical Symptom – Over Weight:

Examples of underlying emotional root causes uncovered in therapy …
1. The person was bullied or abused as a child/ wither physically or verbally or both. The weight was their way to protect themselves from the larger than life oppressor. Their weight acted like a fortress or armour they could hide behind.
2. In some cases the weight represented a way to deflect unwelcome sexual attention from a spouse or partner they were unable to say ‘no’ to.
3. The weight was a result of comfort eating due to issues of insecurity, low self esteem and lack of confidence arising from negative conditioning received in childhood.

When the Conscious and Subconscious are in Conflict it is the Subconscious that Inevitably Wins

The subconscious reasons for why a person gains weight and remains overweight will always win over the person’s desire to be slim, fit and healthy. Though we may consciously know what is good for us and how eating less and exercising more will guarantee weight loss it is the unconscious pull of our emotions that always win out.
Unless the emotional root cause for being overweight is uncovered and addressed there is no diet or exercise regime that is going to satisfy the emotional need for that extra weight.

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