How to Lose 30 Lbs in 90 Days

The Body is a Metaphor

Our physical well being is a reflection of our emotional and spiritual well being. Our physical appearance is a creation of mind that is an indication of what is going on inside of us. If the island you can see is the physical aspect of who you are then the ocean all around you represents your emotional and spiritual aspects. As you sit on the island beach looking out over the horizon you are consciously oblivious to that other world beneath the waves. This is how it is with each one of us as we go about our daily activities oblivious to the forces within, that control everything we think, say and do.

Inner Conflict Sabotages our Efforts to Change

If you are over weight then chances are you don’t feel good about it. If you do feel good about being overweight then you are not overweight and you should stop reading this article. Feeling bad about any aspect of yourself is an indication of inner conflict and you are sabotaging every effort you exert to make the changes you know you want. The secret to making any change is in overcoming the dynamic of mind that resists change.

Knowing what you want and feeling what you want are two very separate experiences, the dynamic of which, many people fail to understand. Though everybody realises at some stage in their lives that there are times when they cannot get themselves to do what they want to do, they still keep trying anyway. How many people do you know who have tried to lose weight by cutting down on the amount they eat and exercising more only to keep failing miserably? How many times have you given up on diets and exercise regimes that you simply could not stick to? Every time you fail at something you lose a little more self confidence which makes it harder the next time you try.

If you feel overweight then you are thinking about yourself in a certain way. The way you are thinking about yourself is definitely not the way slim people think about themselves. Here already evident is the dynamic between thought and feeling. The feeling creates the atmosphere for the kind of thinking that it generates and the thinking creates more of these same feelings until you are trapped inside a cycle of thoughts and feelings that attract people and circumstances to create even more of the same thoughts and feelings. The thinking directs your energy and that is why you find yourself thinking more frequently and more intensely about food than someone who does not feel as you do about yourself. The point here is the importance of the interaction between thought and feeling that many people fail to realise.

Change Your Mind if You Want to Change

In order to make any change in your life you must first create the change in your mind. The mind commands and the body obeys. The only trouble with this is the mind is sending conflicting commands so no change ever occurs. Your first and most important task is to create in your mind the change that you want for yourself.

To lose weight you will need to change the thoughts and feelings you have toward yourself to thoughts and feelings you would have about yourself if you were thinner.

So how do you change your mind? The answer is very simple and lies in a feeling called Hypnosis.

Hypnosis is the Key

Hypnosis is a feeling everyone naturally experiences but few know how to achieve deliberately. It is unfortunate that most people associate hypnosis with the antics of stage hypnotists and so never take the feeling seriously as a means to make lasting changes in their lives. Hypnosis is a feeling anyone can learn to achieve deliberately and for that reason I created an audio that does just that. By regularly playing the audio you eventually learn to experience the feeling of hypnosis and in becoming familiar with the feeling your mind automatically learns how to get it back every time you choose to experience the feeling.

In order to lose weight the first step is to teach yourself how to achieve the feeling of hypnosis. Once you can do that you are in a position to change the thoughts and feelings you feel toward yourself to the the thoughts and feelings of a thinner human being. You then wake up every morning feeling so appreciative of being you because you start noticing changes immediately. You realise how powerful your mind is and for the first time in a very long time you start to say what you really think and you start to do what you say. In other words your mind and heart start to work as one. So when you say that will not longer eat certain kinds of bread, or that you will never again use oil to cook then you know you won’t. Doubt will no longer exist.

It becomes easy then to follow my final instructions for you to lose the weight you want in the time frame you choose. I suggest 30lbs in 90 days but that is not a hard and fast rule. You choose but it is important that the mindset is correct before you begin.

Purchase and Download the audio “Hypnotherapy Treatment Preparation” from our Setanta Clinic Website Shop and put it on your iPod or MP3 player. You could burn it to CD if you wish. Play the recording every day for at least 2 weeks before following my final instructions. Some people play it every night in bed before falling asleep others find time during the day or even before getting up in the morning. Do what suits you but it is a very crucial element for success in this method.

Final Instructions to Losing 30lbs in 90 Days:

Part 1

  1. For a period of 3 days eat only meat and fish. No bread, no rice no vegetables, no pasta , no sugar, no alcohol, no cereals, no chocolate, no salt, and definitely no oil or butter.
  2. Eat a small bowl of porridge in the morning for breakfast and change to a sugar substitute like Splenda if you need to sweeten it.
  3. If you get peckish you can eat slices of ham or chicken. You can also eat fat free cottage cheese and fat free yoghurt whenever you feel hungry.
  4. To cook meat I suggest you slice onions and use these slices of onions as a bed to fry the meat on but no oil.
  5. Drink plenty of water but no fizzy or sugar based drinks.
  6. You can also eat boiled eggs but no salt.

Part 2

Having eaten as I have suggested above for three days. You will notice some major changes physically, emotionally and mentally. Your thoughts and feelings are in line with your desires and your life takes on a whole new meaning. What started off as losing weight becomes much more than that and you feel great. You realise how easy it is to lose weight and to stop eating and drinking those things that prevented you from feeling as good as you feel from not putting them in your body for three days. You are now ready to embark on a completely new style of life. Certain foods and drinks now simply repulse you and you know you will never eat or drink them again. Following is a plan you now find easy to follow and you continue to play the audio throughout the 90 days program.

For the 90 days you eat three meals a day. You have a choice of porridge or eggs in the morning. Meat or fish for lunch and again meat, eggs or fish for dinner. You can eat as much sliced ham, chicken and cottage cheese or yoghurt in between meals but will find yourself doing less of that as time goes on. Weigh yourself at the end of every week and take your measurements to see the progress you are making. It is very important to maintain this high protein diet for at least 50 days. After that you can start introducing vegetables, and fruit into your diet. Wholemeal brown bread can also be introduced but never more than 2 slices of wholemeal brown bread per day.

You will find that you have more energy for exercise and I highly recommend some easy Yoga type stretches and postures in the morning followed by a few minutes of meditation or silent sitting.

Walking is the best exercise and I highly recommend a daily routine of walking brusquely for between 30 minutes to an hour.

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The Middle Way

There is no need to overdo anything. You are now finding the “middle way” advocated by Buddha. You are now experiencing a life of moderation and you feel happier and more alive than you have ever been.

This is a 90 day journey that prepares you for the more important journey of your life without all that extra baggage, physically represented by the weight you are carrying and emotionally by the heavy heart you carry around full of regret, past failures and apathy. Having taken the time to purify yourself physically you have also triggered an emotional and spiritual response that propels you positively into the rest of a very bright future for yourself and everyone you touch.

Bon Voyage!


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