Higher Consciousness and Hypno-Psychotherapy

Mind Commands and Body Obeys

The body is like a puppet in the hands of the mind, the puppeteer.  The problem is that the mind is split so the puppet’s actions and conditions seem erratic.

The body reflects the state of mind so the more conflicted the mind the worse the state.  This is why illness exists.  All illness emanates from the puppeteer so all illness is mental illness. The mind projects itself on to its own body and the bodies of others.  This has its advantages and disadvantages depending on what is being projected.

Do Not Judge Lest You Be Judged

As a Hypno-Psychotherapist it does not serve me or my clients to project my illness on to those who seek my help.  The only way for me not to project my own illness on to my client is for me to suspend judgement and seek agreement.  By deliberately choosing not to judge and actively seeking common ground for me and my client to agree upon the ego is circumvented.

Resolving Conflict Through Agreement

Rather than attacking the client’s self concept I question the beliefs my clients hold about themselves.  Questioning a belief with sincere interest will not be perceived as an attack especially if rapport exists between client and therapist.  In fact the therapist affords the client the opportunity to reveal his self concept and all its defences.  When eventually the client can trust the therapist enough, he will endow the therapist with the characteristics and qualities of the illness he suffers from. This will be symbolised by someone from the client’s past with whom issues still remain unresolved.

We must keep in mind here that when this stage is reached the therapist may also be doing the same to his client.  Freud describes this as transference and counter transference.  The client is now afforded the opportunity to work through a conflict in mind that is projected on to the therapist.  Conflict can only be resolved through agreement.  The therapist and client then seek a goal they can both agree upon.

Seeking the Guidance of Higher Consciousness in Therapy

For the therapist to impose his own agenda at this point would be to allow his or his client’s ego to direct the therapy.  Since it is ego that created the conflict in the first instance allowing ego to direct the therapeutic process would only complicate matters and cause further conflict.

If on the other hand client and therapist seek the guidance and direction from a consciousness higher than their own, then the ego of each has no way in.  Calling on this Higher Consciousness is the most important ingredient and essential for true healing free of ego.

The way I do this is to set up a triangle of light between me and my client with the Higher Consciousness at the apex.  I don’t tell my clients in the beginning I am doing this until a stage is reached in the therapy when I seek their active cooperation in seeking the guidance of the Higher Consciousness.  I usually devote a full session to this.  The book ‘Cutting the Ties the Bind’ by Phyllis Krystal describes this process in detail.

Once the client joins the triangle and actively seeks the direction of the Higher Consciousness the therapy takes on a whole new perspective because it becomes far easier to reach agreement without the ego of either interfering.

The degree to which therapist and his client agree determines the degree of healing achieved.  The goal becomes the goal set by the Higher Consciousness and normally lies outside the conscious awareness of both client and therapist.

When psychotherapy is approached in this way I have always found it to produce miraculous results.

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