Developing Effective Teamwork in Business

Hypnosis for Effective Teamwork
Hypnosis for Effective Teamwork
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Conflict arises when agreements are broken or not made in the first place. Agreement is the platform from which we launch our intentions in order to achieve our goals. Though outwardly people may pay lip service to an agreement, but unless their hearts are in it self sabotage is the result!

Unconscious Motivation

How many times have you decided to lose weight, become physically fitter and healthier, only to fall at the first hurdle? How many times have you decided to stop smoking, only to be overcome with the compulsion to smoke hours later? What about all the New Year Resolutions you have made? How may of them have you stuck to?

There is a basic unconscious dynamic in play in each of our lives and it is quite simple but is also the controlling force in each of our lives. To achieve what we consciously desire these desires need to be in line with our subconscious beliefs!

Dealing with Conflict in a Group

In order for us to succeed collectively as an organization or as a family each member of that group must first learn how to align their unconscious beliefs with those of the group’s. Once this is done nothing stands in the way of any organization or family achieving it’s goal.

Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic specializes in teaching people how to eliminate conflict in their personal lives and how to develop qualities of mind that enable them to work effectively as a team within their organization. We also treat individuals to learn the skills to make them more able to work as a team player.

Any organization is made up of a collection of people, each with their own strengths. By learning how to come to agreement with each other and the goals of the organization this collection of people become a formidable team moving in the same direction.

How Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic can help your Organisation or Family

If you would like us to come to your organization and talk to you about how we can help you become a happier and more effective team, please, call Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic on Tel: 842938 or e-mail

If you are an employer or business manager we could met with you personally and explain the services we offer. If you are a parent and would like to contact us about Family Therapy, please call the above number.

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