Deep Mind Diving (DMD) Group Sessions at Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic

Inner Mind Group Therapy
Inner Mind Group Therapy
Group Therapy to Explore the Subconscious Mind

We know more about space and our oceans than we do about the mind and how it works. Though more people than ever are aware of the mind-body connection people still turn to prescribed medication when they become ill. The idea that the mind is responsible for how we feel is still difficult for most to come to terms with.

It is only when people have exhausted every avenue and still continue to suffer that they turn to Hypnotherapy as an alternative. DMD provides people with an opportunity to explore the mind and its potential in a group setting. We do not come into the world with an operation manual of how to use our minds and so most fumble through life without ever knowing how their powerful minds work. It is like being given the most powerful computer but never using it for anything other than word processing or playing games.

DMD Group sessions are limited to no more than five people and are held one evening per week. There is no obligation to attend every week but you are required to book your place each week and it is on a first come first served basis. The cost per person per session is £20.

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