Counselling v Analytical Hypnotherapy

Counselling v Hypno-Psychotherapy
Counselling v Hypno-Psychotherapy
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The verb ‘counsel’ means:
– To give advice to someone.
– To give professional psychological help and advice to someone.
– To recommend a course of action to someone.

Seeking guidance from without
To receive counselling would mean accepting help from an authority figure outside of yourself namely the counselor. It would also mean accepting that your counsellor knows what is best for you and you trust his/her recommendations as to how to deal with the problem you have sought help about.

Seeking guidance from within
Analytical Hypnotherapy or Hypno-Psychotherapy as it is also called, involves looking within rather than looking outside yourself for the help you need to resolve a problem. You, and not the therapist are the highest authority in your own life and as such you are the only one who knows what is best for you. Analytical Hypnotherapy involves you reconnecting with your own inner source of wisdom and developing the confidence to do what is right for you. The therapist never judges you and never tells you what is best for you. It is not a quick fix but a process of self discovery. You are not handing yourself over to an authority figure to heal you but empowering yourself to heal yourself. You are taking responsibility for your own healing and learning to trust yourself and that you have all the resources within to resolve any issues that have an underlying emotional root cause.
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