Childbirth Made Easy : A Hypnobirthing Course by Mary Nathan

Stress free pregnancy and childbirth

From a young age, ladies are told of the difficulty of childbirth; “It is one of the most painful times in the life of a woman…” they’re told. This sentiment is repeated to them for years, and after some time, it sticks. By the time they get pregnant, they remember everything they heard while growing up and the prospect of childbirth starts to scare them. Some women suffer from panic attacks and anxiety as a result. However, it doesn’t have to be so. Mary Nathan—of Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic in Peel Isle of Man—has a hypnobirthing course that will change your view on childbirth. She teaches women simple but effective self-hypnosis, relaxation and breathing techniques, techniques that help women ease through pregnancy and childbirth.

Mary’s course is not only about hypnotherapy for childbirth; no, it goes beyond that. The course starts from the early weeks of pregnancy and leads up to the childbirth itself. The women who undergo this course are released from the fears about childbirth and over time, they come to see that giving birth does not have to be synonymous with severe pain.  They learn to let go of their fears and anxiety; women who have had traumatic labor experiences in the past learn how to use self-hypnosis to overcome their trauma. At Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic, women come to realize that childbirth is a unique and joyous experience—something to savour—and not the horrific ordeal they have been told to expect.

Please note that hypnobirthing does not mean being asleep or in a trance. No! As a matter of fact, during hypnobirthing, you’ll be awake, fully aware and active. You can talk to the people around you and fully soak-in the whole childbirth process in good spirits and in a relaxed mood. With Mary’s course, you no longer need to put yourself blindly in the hands of any doctor or midwife, you can be in full control of your body and your childbirth. No matter your age or physique, hypnobirthing helps you get rid of the fear and tension that seek to prevent your body and birthing muscles from performing the function that nature intended them to. It helps you stay calm and relaxed, free of any tension.

As mentioned above, Mary Nathan’s hypnobirthing course starts from around the 5th month of pregnancy and it follows the schedule below. All sessions last for approximately one hour.

Session 1

Kick things off with this session between weeks 20-25 (recommended) of pregnancy.

The focus here is dispelling the fear and misconception about labor and childbirth. The session comes with an enhancement CD to buttress the talking points of the session.

Session 2

Between weeks 26 and 28, women will be provided with the tools to help them manage the physical and emotional stress they may be feeling as a result of their pregnancy. It also comes with a personalized enhancement CD that incorporates the previous session’s talking points.

Session 3

Between weeks 29 and 31, preparation for a stress- and pain-free labor commences. As always, the session comes with a personalized advancement CD that incorporates the previous session’s talking points.

Session 4

Between weeks 32 and 35, the fourth session helps women visualize their perfect delivery, a safe and pain-free one. A personalized advancement CD is provided once again, and this CD should be played right up to, and during, labor.

Session 5

Around week 38, session 5 focuses on healing and recovery after childbirth and enhancing the mother-child bond. A personalized advancement CD that buttresses everything taught in the session—and how to overcome anxieties due to breastfeeding, if applicable—is provided.

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