Attracting Your Perfect Partner

Finding your soulmate
Finding your soulmate
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by Daria Oprea


Finding your Soul Mate is not as random as many believe

We all have, at one time or another, felt lonely and wished that we had someone we could share our lives with. Many who made this wish found their perfect partner, others are still alone to this day and yet others found and keep finding people that just bring them grief and unhappiness.

Many believe that finding your soul mate is a random event that is just down to luck. Others believe that such unions are made in heaven and there are many who don’t believe in the idea of a perfect partner. Whatever you believe is exactly what your subconscious will endeavour to create for you.

It is our core belief system that determines what we deem to be true and what we dismiss as rubbish. What most people fail to realise is that a belief is an opinion that you have labelled as true. Many fail to realise that it is our belief in opinions that give them the energy to create our life experiences.

The Law of Attraction

There are however a growing number of people who are realising that they need not be a slave to belief and have learned to use the dynamic of imbuing opinion with enough energy to replace their core beliefs with beliefs that deliberately create what they want. James Allen, author of the book As A Man Thinketh was one such person and the ideas he put forward are now reflected in The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and championed by many famous people under the title The Law of Attraction.

In a nutshell, you get what you believe to be true of yourself and the world you live in. The world and your experiences are physical manifestations of what you believe to be true without any shadow of a doubt. In fact you would dismiss any idea that does not agree with your world view and that is the power of belief. When you learn to harness this power to serve you only then do you become master of your own destiny. Until then the world is something that happens to you and you feel as if you are in a boat with no oars being buffeted sometimes by a raging sea or going nowhere when the wind subsides. That is why our life experience is sometimes described as a see saw between sorrow and joy.

When you fully realise that thoughts and opinions are simply building blocks for the life you wish to experience you are then free to believe those that are in harmony with your goals and discard those that seek to sabotage your efforts. The key is in realising that the world you see and the life you experience are material external manifestations of the thoughts you hold true, deep within yourself in your subconscious. Change your beliefs and you change your world.

Attracting Your Perfect Partner Hypnosis Audio Download by Mary Nathan

It is for this reason I have created an audio which you can purchase from Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic called Attracting Your Perfect Partner by Mary Nathan. Using the power of hypnosis to access the subconscious the audio serves to teach you how to replace the beliefs that are preventing you from attracting your perfect partner with beliefs that will make you a magnet for your soul mate.

Joining dating sites, going out to clubs and pubs are wasted activities if the mindset is not right. The mind commands and the world obeys. It is not the other way around. We are not taught this in school and most of us are not taught this at home not because there is a conspiracy but mainly because people are ignorant of the laws that govern thought and how it can be used to serve us.

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