Free Introductory Consultation

We offer a free introductory consultation without any obligation to anyone seeking our help. You have the choice of male or female therapist at the time of booking this consultation. During this consultation an assessment is made by the therapist and the appropriate course of therapy is then recommended. You are invited to ask questions so that you are in a position to make an informed decision as to the therapy recommended.


    • All consultations are strictly by appointment only.
    • It is regretted that casual callers cannot be seen.
    • All therapy is individual and fully confidential.
    • A minimum of 24 hours notice must be given of a cancellation or the session fee is payable.
    • A strict code of ethics enforced by the ICHP will govern the conduct of your session.
      •  Daytime and Evening sessions available Monday to Friday


Once the appropriate therapy has been decided fees are then discussed and a suitable method of payment is agreed upon.


Yes, hypnosis is a proven therapeutic aid. Hypnosis is not sleep. Hypnosis is a guided relaxing state of heightened awareness which means you are fully aware at all times.

No. You will return to full awareness just as spontaneously as when you go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning.

Yes, you are in full control at all times. All hypnosis is self hypnosis so at no time is control ever handed over to the therapist.

There is no real feeling that you can call a “hypnotised feeling”. Many people cannot tell the difference between the waking state and the hypnotic state. Some people say “I felt very relaxed”, and the positive results speak for themselves.

No. You are simply extremely relaxed. This is why the technique is sometimes referred to as “Conscious Hypnosis”

No, except those who choose not to be hypnotised. Entering the state of hypnosis is something you choose to do and as nobody can force you to fall asleep nobody can force you to fall into hypnosis.

No. In fact, you would spontaneously come out of the hypnotic state the instant any such action was suggested to you.

Suggestion Therapy usually requires three to five sessions depending on the condition and its severity. The more emotionally deep-rooted conditions require Analytical rather than Suggestion Therapy which consists of a minimum of twelve weekly sessions.

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