Analytical Hypnotherapy: The Natural Way to Treat Sexual Difficulties

Resolve sexual problems with Analytical Hypnotherapy
Resolve sexual problems with Analytical Hypnotherapy
Analytical Hypnotherapy to naturally treat sexual problems

Solving the Problem by Addressing the Underlying Root Cause 

Mostly, sex is a deeply emotional activity. As a result, it seems quite obvious that any difficulty that is encountered before, during, and after sexual relations is more likely to be emotional than physical. Yet, most people prefer pills and physical treatment to emotional therapy when they are faced with sexual dysfunction of any kind. Most times, this decision stems from embarrassment—the average person prefers not to discuss/address their sexual problems with a third-party.

However, as good as conventional medicine is, when it comes to sexual dysfunction, it only addresses the symptoms. To prevent recurrence, the ideal solution is to treat the symptoms AND the root cause of the problem—you need hypnotherapy to do this. Below are a few sexual difficulties that can be treated naturally using analytical hypnotherapy;

a.     Premature Ejaculation

One of the most common sexual disorders and perhaps the most frustrating for both parties. The man suffers the ignominy of seeming like less of a man because he can’t satisfy his lady, and the lady struggles to enjoy sex because her partner ejaculates before she even gets started.

Conventional medicine may help the man last longer, but until the emotional root cause of the dysfunction is treated in the subconscious using hypno-psychotherapy, the man may never be able to have naturally long-lasting sex without the aid of pills.

b.     Orgasm Disorder

People who live through this disorder get excited before and during sex, but they can never seem to reach orgasm—this is a serious problem. Ironically, this is one of the instances where treatment with pills is ill-advised; studies have shown that antidepressants are a major cause of orgasm disorders.

So, rather than make the problem worse, why don’t you try analytical hypnotherapy and tackle the disorder from its source? It works, it’s natural, and there are no side effects.

c.     Painful Sexual Intercourse

This condition is also known as Dyspareunia and it is experienced by women. It is caused by vaginal dryness or insufficient lubrication, and it makes sex a painful experience for the lady (and sometimes for her male partner too).

This problem is mostly physical and conventional medicine works well in treating it. In some cases, however, the failure of the vagina to lubricate is caused by a subconscious feeling of guilt, or a need to suffer/be punished. In cases like these, hypno-psychotherapy offers the most effective treatment.

d.    Sexual Arousal Disorder

This is known as erectile dysfunction (or impotence) in men and frigidity in women. This is a deeply emotional problem and it mostly stems from a feeling of extreme fear—perhaps the fear of not measuring up to a certain standard. This fear leads to intense panic and makes the idea of sex seem scary. The patient then hides his/her insecurities in avoidance and before long, they can no longer get aroused even when they want to.

Hypno-psychotherapy can be used to isolate these feelings and suggestion therapy, to address them. By dealing with the problem at the subconscious level that it originated from, the disorder can be treated naturally, leaving the patient wholly cured.

e.     Sexual Desire Disorder

This is a bit similar to the sexual arousal disorder, but this disorder is brought about by a prolonged disinterest in sex or a lack of sexual desire/sexual fantasy. While pills can be used to treat hormonal imbalance and alleviate the problem, hypno-psychotherapy seeks to address the emotional imbalance that caused the disorder.

In most cases, the patient may be suffering from anxiety or depression and not know that there is a connection between this and the sexual desire disorder. By using psychotherapy to treat the anxiety, most patients find that the sexual disorder is simultaneously cured.

Help is at Hand

At the Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic in Peel, Isle of Man, we use Hypnotherapy to treat sexual disorders with an emotional root cause. You will not only receive personalised and holistic treatment, your details are confidential so will be handled with utmost privacy and you can be assured of the highest level of expertise.

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