Addressing the Emotional Root Cause of a Condition with Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy

Desperation of the Heart by Clara Nathan
Artwork Credit to: Clara Nathan

Body Identification

From my own personal experience and from what people have told me most of us see our bodies when we think about ourselves.  This gives weight to the idea that people identify with their bodies.  It is also more common for people to identify with a picture of their bodies they make up in their heads than to identify with the body as it is.  Many people see themselves as older, younger, heavier, lighter, bigger or smaller than they really are and it is the image they hold of themselves that influences how they feel about themselves.

Feelings Dictate the Chemical Balance

Our feelings determine the chemical balance in our bodies.  The body simply obeys the mind that commands it.  When we feel anxious, fearful and under stress the chemicals released into the blood stream prepare us to fight or escape.  The chemicals in our blood keep us on high alert but it is our feelings that cause those chemicals to be released in the first place.  Prescribed medication seeks to adjust the chemical balance in order to address anxiety; depression and stress where as Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy address the feelings that cause the conditions like depression, anxiety and stress.

An Effective Alternative to Medication

It is how we feel about ourselves that determines our well being so wouldn’t you think that people would seek to address their feelings in order to resolve a problem caused by them.  The emphasis for years has been on the treatment of conditions like depression using prescribed medication but fortunately this is now changing.  More and more doctors are referring their patients to government approved Hypnotherapists because they are realising that long term use of medication is not answer.

Permanent Solution

When choosing a therapist to address conditions such as depression, anxiety and insomnia it is important you ask if s/he addresses the emotional root cause.  Not to do so would be like putting a plaster or an open wound – it just wouldn’t hold!

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Video by Xavier and Mary Nathan Explaining Hypno-Psychotherapy

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