Addiction Linked to Suppressed Emotions

Healing through Repression Release
Healing through Repression Release by Clara Nathan

Feelings and Emotions

Society looks favourably on people who freely experience feelings of joy and happiness but frowns on unbridled expressions of sadness and pain.  From a very early age we are programmed to stuff down these feelings with no regard for the consequence.

Feelings and emotions are there to be expressed and rather than inhibiting their expression if children are encouraged to express them appropriately then there would be no need for them to seek refuge in alcohol, drugs or over eating.

Our emotions belong to us and if we choose to hide or suppress them they will find ways of expression and in many cases these will be self destructive. Painful emotions that we have buried in the subconscious are called repressions and they will find expression, one way or another.

Repressions Manifesting as Symptoms or Destructive Behaviours

If we are involved in any behaviour that is harmful to us then the underlying cause for the behaviour will ultimately be an emotional one. This is an example of how a repression finds expression.

A person who continues to over eat knowing the disastrous consequences of such behaviour has simply found eating food as an alternative to expressing feelings they have suppressed.

People are not normally consciously aware that they are suppressing their feelings.  It is a habit they have learned and as such it is something they do subconsciously.  In order to reverse the process the subconscious needs to be accessed in order to uncover the emotional root cause of the destructive behaviour … like over eating and this is where hypnosis proves to be an invaluable tool.

Healing through Repression Release

Here at Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic in Peel, Isle of Man my wife Mary and I are in private practice using both Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy to show people how to access their subconscious and make those changes they want in their lives. The presenting symptoms of the people who seek our help are the physical manifestations of problems with an emotional root cause. We help people uncover and resolve underlying cause of their conditions at source, the unconscious. Once the the negative emotion associated with their symptoms is released through abreaction healing is inevitable.

To book a free initial consultation you can call us on 01624 842938.

Video by Xavier and Mary Nathan Explaining Hypno-Psychotherapy

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