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You have come to me in order to embark on a course in Hypno-Psychotherapy because something is bothering you. This something is what we call your presenting symptoms and you have no conscious control over them. Your symptoms are bothering you to the degree that they are interfering with your life and preventing you from leading a full life.

The role of symptom

The symptom or symptoms you report, is your subconscious way of getting your attention, and it could be any number of things like or nail biting, or over eating, blushing, rage, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, gambling, or M.E. There are as many symptoms as there are people in the world. Important to note is that your symptom is telling you something you need to hear. Like a child crying for your attention, by ignoring your symptom or suppressing it simply results in your symptom being intensified. The symptom you present is the reason you have come to me for help.

There is a subconscious reason for the symptom

There is no point in simply getting rid of the symptoms without understanding the reason or reasons why they are there. Your mind will simply replace the symptoms and go on doing so until you resolve the underlying cause or causes of the symptoms you report.

Anything that you deem is too painful or unacceptable is repressed by your subconscious mind and that is a basic defence mechanism of every human being. Whatever it is you buried in the subconscious you most likely did so as a child. As an adult your subconscious has given you your symptoms as a way of telling you that you are now ready to deal with that buried material that once overwhelmed you as a child.

The symptoms you report are evidence that such repressed material exists in your subconscious mind and are in effect the alarm clock going off in the subconscious for you to wake up to go to work on yourself.

Your conscious mind is a very strict censor and anything entering or leaving it is carefully monitored. It is for this reason you are not in a position to recall, at will, the root cause of the problem you report.

The steps involved in creating the healing therapeutic environment

The first step to resolving the problems you report is to create conditions for the making conscious of what has been repressed. To do this you must first consciously agree to the following conditions which form the basis for your treatment:

  • To pay for your therapy according to the terms agreed upon.
  • To give me at least 24 hours notice of cancellation of a session.
  • To report every thought and feeling which comes to mind during the session.
  • You report whatever comes to mind without regard for logical order and report them even if you regard them as trivial, impolite or shameful.
  • You write down the dreams you have and submit them to me at the start of each session.
  • Any communication between us during the treatment, written or verbal is kept private and confidential.
  • Time is set aside every night and if possible every morning to listen to the audio prescribed.

The purpose of agreement in therapy

By entering into this sacred agreement with your therapist you are giving your subconscious the clear message that you have heard its call and are now willing and ready to dig up what you buried all those years ago and as an adult resolve what you were unable to do then. You accept that there is an emotional root cause to your problem and once you have addressed it at the subconscious your symptoms will vanish as there will be no longer any need for your subconscious to keep drawing your attention to what you will have dealt with.

Breaking your agreement

Breaking any of the clauses of our agreement is an indication of subconscious resistance that as such would be seen as an issue pertaining to your problem to be discussed in therapy. Everything that comes up in therapy even the urge to quit therapy before resolving your problem is seen as an opportunity and as such can be used to your advantage if brought up in session.

Treatment Preparation

Before starting a course in Hypno-Psychotherapy at Setanta Clinic in Peel, Isle of Man you will be asked to download an audio called Treatment Preparation by either Xavier Nathan or Mary Nathan, depending on who you wish to be treated by. You will be asked to play the audio for at least a week before you start your treatment, during which time you will prepare your mind for the work you will have to do.

If you would like to know more about the work we do please visit our Setanta Clinic Website or call Tel: 842938 to book a no obligation Free Initial Consultation stating whether you would prefer to speak to a male or female therapist.

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