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Bill Munro from Michigan USA was in his 70’s when he developed melanoma ( the most dangerous type of skin cancer ) and at the same time he also suffered from prostate cancer. Rather than opt for conventional medical treatment he took responsibility for his own health and recovery. In so doing he highlighted the effectiveness of natural methods of healing which fly in the face of what the pharmaceuticals have conditioned us to believe. The treatment involves inhaling 3% hydrogen peroxide up to 8 times a day using a spray pump, the same method someone suffering with asthma would use a Ventolin inhaler. After 4 months of inhaling hydrogen peroxide in this way his PSA blood tests came up clean. He had completely cured himself of cancer.

I read about another gentleman suffering with C.O.P.D. (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) which is the occurrence of Chronic Bronchitis or Emphysema a pair of commonly co-existing lung diseases which cause the airways to narrow with time. This limits airflow to the lungs causing shortness of breath and makes breathing very difficult. Unlike asthma C.O.P.D. cannot be reversed using conventional medicine and the sufferer is recognised by the nose tubes and oxygen tanks attached to their wheel chairs. He too decided to try inhaling 3% Hydrogen Peroxide and this is what he had to say:

When I think of all the specialists that I have been to in the past 10 years, it is disgusting to think that not a one of them had the answer to my restricted lifestyle. Of course if the General Practitioner, whose office is around the corner had told me to spray Hydrogen Peroxide into my mouth to solve the problem none of those other specialists would have earned a dime, would they? Quite the sloppy system that we have got going here!

So, if you or someone in your family comes down with a cough, the flu or God forbid, C.O.P.D. I suggest trying some, 3% Hydrogen Peroxide to cure your ails BEFORE allowing the licensed doctors to drain your wallet.

Also, I strongly suggest reading this entire website http://www.earthclinic.com because there’s lots of wonderful reviews from real people on it. There’s even a section for pets!

Yup, I have got a hunch that I am no longer going to be known as the old man with the hose in his nose. LOL”

Hydrogen Peroxide ( H2 O2 )

The treatment is based on the premise that no virus can survive in an oxygen rich environment and hydrogen peroxide creates just that as enzymes in the body decompose hydrogen peroxide into oxygen and water.

Hydrogen Peroxide ( H2 O2 ) is a clear liquid and completely colourless in water and most people will associate it with its use as a bleach or as a propellant for rockets. What many people don’t realise that it is produced naturally in every living organism and its healing properties are second to none not just in the treatment of harmful viruses but in sterilizing wounds, preventing flu and dissolving ear wax. Athletes use it to develop stamina and more and more people are reporting its effectiveness in curing melanoma, prostate cancer and asbestos cancer.

Pharmaceuticals Suppress Natural Methods

During the reign of Queen Victoria when India was part of the British Empire the British pharmaceuticals felt threatened when the Indians found that small amounts of hydrogen peroxide added to their drinking water cured a wide variety of illnesses like colds, flu, cholera and malaria to name but a few. Seeking to secure their monopoly on drug sales the British spread the lie through the authorities in India that hydrogen peroxide was found to cause brain damage. Their plan worked and the Indians continued to become more reliant on drugs from Britain further suppressing India’s own Ayurvedic Medicine. The pharmaceuticals today are playing the same game and though more and more people are waking up to the lies they have been brought up with many still continue to rely on medication with side effects worse that the disease they were manufactured to cure.

Video of Bill Munro Demonstrating How to Inhale Hydrogen Peroxide

The Treatment

You will need just two things:

  1. A supply of 3% hydrogen peroxide free of any additives.
  2. A spray pump or atomiser.

Point the spray pump at the back of the throat and while inhaling pump the spray up to 6/7 times.

Do this up to 8 times a day to treat cancer and up to 4 times a day to treat any viral infections and the flu or just as a preventative measure to ward off viral infections colds and flu’s.


Check that the hydrogen peroxide you purchase does not contain any harmful additives as many you buy from the pharmacist do. It is also recommended that you do not inhale hydrogen peroxide for at least 90 minutes before before and after meals.

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