A Gift of Relaxation



Many people nowadays live such busy lives that they accept stress as an integral part of their lives and simply live with it. However, we do not need to endure all the stresses  we put upon ourselves and which we allow others to put upon us.  Once looked at clearly in therapy we can decide to continue acting in the same manner or make changes in our lives.

The source of our stresses come in various forms e.g. money, bills, relationships, children, work, illness, loss, isolation to name but a few. Take any one of those and it can be subdivided over and over again until there is an endless list of minute stresses which ruin our happiness and peace of mind.

What if all of these stresses were a construct of a mind that knows no better? What if you have been unconsciously fabricating the stress you feel? You are not doing it purposely but you are doing it nonetheless.

Our conditioning, our learned behavior, our environment , our experiences colour everything we experience now so we react to new experiences the way we reacted to similar ones from the past. This is how our subconscious mind keeps us locked in cycles generated from the past.

Of course, if there is a crisis or a bereavement it is natural to experience stress and grief. But what happens when we take on board so many stress that we are unable to enjoy the game of life? We are robbing ourselves of true peace and clarity of mind to just BE. Stress and worry is looking into the future, and focusing on what disaster may happen. So we are continuously going back and forth between the past and the future but never actually experiencing the present. It is in being fully present in the now that we reclaim our freedom from stress, worry and anxiety.

Hypnotherapy is a natural, safe, and effective way to be present now. It is a wonderful way to let go of  old negative thought patterns and bad habits .

The only requirements for your success in escaping the quagmire of stress and worry are that you really want to make positive changes, and that you truly believe  you deserve happiness and a joyful life.

If your stress is as a result of trauma  then Analytical Hypnotherapy is the recommended route for you.

If you are feeling stressed lately from work, caring for children or all the small things getting in the way of your happiness, then Suggestion Therapy is the route for you.

If Christmas with all the stresses of presents, families, cooking demands from children is stopping you from enjoying life today, then a Relaxation Session with audio to take home would be the route for you.

Hypnotherapy can be your gift to yourself this Christmas.  It could also be a gift for life to a loved one.

Why not book a free consultation with experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist Mary Nathan to discuss your needs and the therapeutic route you wish to pursue.


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